Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ad

We promote your Brand, Product or Services by targeting the right Audience. Using Facebook targeting features we will create multiple ad that reaches people with certain characteristics like Age, Gender, Location, Interests and other target options in Facebook Ads Manager.

Our major role to promote a Business or Brand start by creating Viral Ads with Highlighted Key point. By targeting your Audience, we will try to create Multiple Ads to Share, Like, Comment and other Engagements on your Facebook Ad Posts.

If your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfying to users, Google charges you less per click, leading to higher profits for your business.

We Create Ads by sharing:
  •   Photos - Editing by Design team (Optional)
  •   Short Videos - (Editing by 2D & 3D Animation team) (Optional)
  •   Website Traffic - Redirection to your Landing Page
  •   Events - Create Events related to your Brand or Service
  •   Forms - Create Forms to receive Enquiry or Collect data from Visitors
  •   Carousel Images / Slides - More than 2 images Scrolling
  •   Content Publishing with Website Url
  •   Android / IOS App Install to your targeted Audience.
  •   Message Ads - Create Ads to connect with you in Messenger
  •   Conversion Ads and more..
What is your Marketing Objective?

We analyze your Brand or Service and advise you in targeting the Right Audience. One of our Social Media Marketing person may interact with you for any additional marketing objectives need to be added in Facebook Ad.

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What We do for your Faceook Page and Website Promotion?
  •   We create your Ads in short as Key point
  •   Making your Audience Active by asking Question and make interaction through posts
  •   Share Quotes and other useful information to stay your Audience to keep follow your targeted page
  •   Engaging your Page Audience by sharing General updates
  •   Ad Post Scheduling (Optional)
  •   Responding your Audience on every engagement by Sharing the contact details and redirecting them to your targeted landing page. (Optional)