Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Chennai


We focus on long tail and short tail keywords which has high search volume in past. If new website, we implement recent Website Architecture topologies and create options to receive quick Leads and Conversions. For existing website, we verify the website architecture and background check all links in website to fix Broken Links and other SEO errors. Pagespeed Insights ie. for Website, Mobile and tablet page loading speed is monitored and updated to designer for any corrections.

Our SEO team verify and fix Webmaster Tools, Sitemap errors, Image Compression, (Keywords - Heading Tags, Title, Description, Anchor Text, Website Content etc for better Ranking), Internal Link Buidling, External Link Building, Google Analytics integration on targeted Landing Pages, Website Blog implementation and update plugins in CMS tool (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc) whenever required.

Pay Per Click

The most common business model for search engine ads is pay per click (PPC). PPC search engine advertising allows for a rapid ad exposure. But you must control the amount you spend on your marketing campaign​ and the queries where you want your ads to appear. That necessitates PPC Management Services. Pay per click (PPC) refers to the online advertising payment model in which payment is based on qualifying click-throughs. In other words, advertisers pay the search engine each time someone clicks their ad. PPC ads can appear at the top position on a search engine results page (SERP) and are labeled in various ways. These paid ads are ranked on a SERP based on an auction model that determines which ads will display and in which positions. W1Rank is able to provide your PPC marketing strategy with support and value to your company’s domain. We work with you to manage your PPC efforts and maximize your website’s potential search traffic and conversions and ROI.

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PPC Methodology and Opportunities

You need well researched goals and an understanding of what opportunities and blocks exist today. Advanced keyword research strategies coupled with analytics are foundational elements of our methodology. W1Rank PPC search management services are more than just a keyword bidding solution. We will focus on generating more targeted, less costly, converting traffic. We offer a complete PPC campaign management program that includes:

  •   Focusing on the major PPC network providers and achieving the greatest market share gains
  •   Developing an ongoing custom online advertising strategy and supporting new traffic
  •   Defining where to show your keyword-targeted ads geographically
  •   Improving PPC-related quality scores and solidifying existing rankings
  •   Calibrating, cleaning-up, modifying and expanding existing PPC campaigns
  •   Monitoring results and making changes on an ongoing basis to enhance account performance
  •   Researching new and emerging technologies, trends and opportunities for market share expansion

The goal is conversion, and that means obtaining the right traffic in all forms. From setup to optimization, our PPC management program offers full service to help you maximize your business ROI. Our program offers aggressive support with email and phone contact. Our dedicated program management staff keep you informed with scheduled phone calls and email response.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the business world. Suddenly, marketing a business is not just about talking to people, it’s about talking with people. The one-sided sales pitch is now a multi-directional community conversation. The power to control the brand message has largely been removed from a business hands. Social media marketing, or SMM, is all about engagement. It’s a business’s opportunity to connect with clients and build a long-term customer relationship built on communication and trust.

Today, the customer-business power relationship is skewed toward the customer, with every individual able to publicly voice concerns and garner media attention, as every person is now a media publisher. As a result, businesses must do their best to keep the conversation positive through their participation. A business can’t quell all public displays of dissatisfaction; however, by following SMM strategies, a business can promote a message that speaks to its customer service successes through attentive awareness and genuine dedication to serving customers needs. This is why SMM is a powerful and necessary tool for all brands today. Education and services provided by SMM professionals can help a business improve their presence and develop a positive reputation online.

Social Media for Brand / Business

A business that is not interacting with clients through social media may be hurting their brand in several ways: the risk of fading away from their customer base’s top-of-mind recall; missed opportunities to reach new clients; and falling out of public favor by missing important conversations taking place online. So what’s a business to do?

With the help of qualified SMM experts, a company can optimize their social media presence. Social media marketing is executed through many platforms, with a few of the popular platforms being a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube.

However, before a business engages in any particular platform, research must be put into locating the places where the intended audience is active online, and creating a social media strategy to reach them in relevant spaces. SMM services begin with research to identify those social media platforms where participation will produce the greatest pay off.