What is Dedicated Hosting server or Managed Hosting service

Dedicated Hosting server or Managed Hosting service

It is one of the top level internet hosting which is leased by clients on a entire server without sharing to anyone else. More advantages in Dedicated Hosting when compared to Shared or VPS Hosting. A company or organization will have full privilege to use hardware, operating system etc. Standard and Complex managed hosting are the main services. Both physical virtual and dedicated servers accessed through Complex managed hosting. These both virtual and dedicated servers can be called as hybrid hosting solution.

Dedicated Hosting Server or Managed Hosting Service

The main difference between Complex Managed hosting and Standard Hosting is engineering and administrative support, It is paid by owning to both complexity of infrastructure deployment and increased size. The security, storage, memory and IT support is managed by the provider. By nature the service is proactive. Administration of server is given by the hosting provider as add-on service. Only in some cases dedicated hosting can offer larger ROI (Return on Investment) and less overhead. The hardware is given by the provider and in certain cases they provide support for your applications and operating system.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Security
  • High Performance
  • Control
  • Email Stability

What is Dedicated Hosting server or Managed Hosting service

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