Web Design strategies to build a website

Web Design Strategies

There are several websites on the internet with the best and simple designs. Most of the websites are animated and only a few websites are designed user-friendly. The term user-friendly states the speed, duration, design, appearance, color, layout, content, etc. If a website is animated with more images and if it also has less content, then the size of the image must be compressed. This will help to increase site speed. Even in low-speed internet connections, your website will load faster due to the compression of images. Use simple menu links and buttons. Most of the websites can be seen with shadow effect menus and buttons which will reduce your site speed by loading those animated effects. If you are looking for the best Web Design Company in Chennai, contact Web design in Chennai.

The first animation starts on your homepage with a slider. The slider images can be of High Quality but they should also be compressed. Avoid using Flash, Animated Jquery, or video on your Homepage or Services page. If your animated image or video failed on the specific page, then the user just closes the browser window. You may miss your upcoming clients/customers. Always use a simple jquery or PHP slider for your Homepage.

Try to know the recent Website Architecture. This will help you to list your website on top of search results in Search Engines. Your website should represent all your services on your Homepage with simple images and content. Avoid introducing about your company establishment and other stories about your company. You can add the services you offer and the advantages of services provided by your company on your Homepage. Only on the about us page, you can mention your company establishment and your company details in brief. Provide a short description of your services on your Homepage with appropriate images redirecting with Read More links.

Header and Footer

Always the left corner is displayed with a company logo. The right corner of the window has a Search field with a contact number. This is the best practice to impress new visitors to your website. Header background color and Logo color should be visible. Footer with less content like Copyright, year, and company name does not represent the professional business. Only a footer with internal links, social profile page links, Email Id, Address, Contact No, etc will increase your website strength and it also gives more information to your website visitor at the footer section.

Use the best design for your Blog page. It helps blog readers to read more information on your website with certain important topics. Provide social media share buttons on all your posts and pages. This will help your website visitors to refer their friends or colleagues connected with their social media account.

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