How to search for job in Chennai

Search for job in Chennai

A job seeker must be aware of few things before applying a job. Basically there are 2 recruitment process. Direct Employment and second is consultancy recruitment. If you prefer to get a job through consultancy, they should place you at the right company at FREE of cost. We have heard about consultancies asking money for placing candidates in companies. It is a risk job seeking method. First your confident level on your gained knowledge and experience should be strong. Once you realize this strategy, you will not pay for a consultancy or agency to join a company.

Search for a job in chennai

Job Portals

Try to signup in more than 3-5 job portal websites. Apply for your desired job by uploading your resume in Naukri, Timesjobs, Monster etc. You should make yourself expert in using job portal websites by entering the exact designation, skills. keywords in the text field. Then enter your location by specifying the exact city or state. and then you can see options to locate your experience, job category and expected salary provided with options. When you hit search, you can see the listed companies that match your designation and experience. Now cross verify the companies and try to find the strength, project requirements, careers page in the company websites. If the careers page is not updated on their websites, you can go ahead by applying for job in job portal websites itself.

Update all your information exactly on you resume before you apply for a job. Once you have uploaded your profile, you have to sign in and check the status of the recruiters view in job portal websites. Your resume views by the companies will be listed. You can contact them directly by Phone or send an email to that recruiter by referring their contact details.

Difference between Company / Consultancy Website

When applying for a job in job portal, you should be able to identify the company and consultancy. You can easily do that by checking the name ends with XXXXX placements, XXXXX consultancy, XXXXX manpower solutions etc.


A direct company will always describe their recruitment in Career page of their website. If it is a consultancy, almost all the pages describes about the words “Human Resource, Management, Placement, Manpower, Solutions and Recruitment.

Have you checked this alert in Naukri job portal??? – FAKE AGENCY IDENTIFICATION NOTICE

Above link describes about the fake agencies trying to gather your personal information through emails. This blog is mainly written to identify the best consultancies and differentiate a company website / consultancy website.

FYI – Best job consultants in Chennai

Job seekers may apply for a job in professional consultancies like TROI Management Consultants, MAFOI etc. These consultancies work dedicated to provide employment for the job seekers. You can also check their website thoroughly by verifying establishment, services in years, clients or by verifying with an experienced professional person.

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