How to increase Page Rank

Increasing page rank is not an easy way. Please read the below instructions carefully to make your website Page Rank higher. The main concept in Page Ranking is Fresh Content on your webpages. You should write your own content and it should be readable and understandable for all the visitors. Always it is good to change your content periodically and your website content will make your web pages searchable on Google and other search engines. Google give first preference for the websites that have fresh content. Apart from the content management.

Next stop submitting your website link in all the URL submission directories. Google eliminated this technique recently. Now they consider the link building algorithm to crawl the websites.

Increase Page Rank
Increase Page Rank

Main Process of Page Ranking

  • Content Writing
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Internal Links
  • Inbound Links
  • External Links
  • No-Follow Links
  • Do-Follow Links

If you have followed the above 6 methods. Definitely your website might have Page Ranking 1. The page ranking starts from numerical value 1 to 10. Below I have briefly explained about the Page Ranking process.

Content Writing

I have mentioned about the speciality of Fresh Content on your website. Keep changing your content periodically. Always try to have a Blog page in your website. In case, if you are not a web designer and you need your page rank to be increased or stabilized without editing your website links through a FTP server. You can post fresh content about your business and news related to your business in Blog page. Now a days most of them create a Blog page in WordPress. WordPress blogs are indexed by the search engines by default. You do have the option to enable or disable to index your blog pages in wordpress. Keep posting 1500 words a day. All the information you post must have the good information with short and easy readable sentences. If you daily post 1500 words in your blog with informative text with images. Your website will definitely crawl in all the search engines.

Site Submitting:

Friends, please stop submitting your website url. It is an old technique followed by some SEO experts. Google already started adding all the website urls that are submitted in Directories and other Articles in SPAM category. But still this old technique is working by adding your website url in few websites like Yahoo Directory, Best of the Web, DMOZ, Devian Art, Article Base, Go Articles and Ezine Articles. Submitting with these directories and article websites will make high quality backlinks.

Link Building:

Exchange your website links. Links are the path that traverse between pages. You need to exchange your links related to your web pages. Do not try to link your website with different business type or category. Link Building is not the only solution to make your website crawl in search engines. This is one of the technique added in Google Algorithm. Link Building help you to get traffic from the linked destination websites.


Stop posting your website url in other blog pages. Now every blog page have a default option with SPAM filter. If you submit a post with link, it is considered as SPAM. The more you post with links on other blogs will be considered as a SPAM website. Please stop adding links while your post on others Blog or Articles.

You have an option to submit your urls on some blogs and articles. There is a Do-Follow and N0-Follow code in every website. Before you post your url with comments, you need to make sure that they have a Do-Follow code. It is not easy to find a Do-Follow code on all the Blog Pages. But this technique will make your website more traffic by following more visitors from the blog you posted with your website url.

Social Bookmarking:

This was the perfect technique used few months before. Now this Social Bookmarking Technique is also added in Google Algorithm to block the websites crawling in search engines. Everybody started adding their website urls in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social sites. This submission made all the website urls crawling in google. Anyone can get a good page ranking with this short-cut method. Google started blocking the websites that are submitted frequently in Social Networking sites. It is not advisable to submit your website urls in any of the Social Bookmarking or Social Networking websites continuously.

Accessibility of your Website:

Always make your website live. If your website is down for a long time, Google reduce your Page Ranking. It is good to have a best web hosting company to avoid connection problem or server down issues.

Commonly Searched Keywords:

If you are writing a fresh content, make sure they meet the keywords, title and descriptions. Keywords are the perfect solution to make your website crawl in all the search engines.


If you have a keyword called Web Designing Company, you should have atleast 10 words matching your keyword in that web page. So consider you have 4 keywords in a web page. You need to repeat that keyword with quality content throughout the webpage.

Google Adwords: (Best Solution) – Instead of paying money to SEO companies, Pay to Google Adwwords to make more TRAFFIC.

This is the easiest option provided by google to target the specific country or city to get more traffic for your website. I myself got Page Rank in a shorter period with the help of Google Adwords. I linked my Google Analytics account with Google Adwords and checked frequently for the traffic statistics. Almost I received more traffic from all the countries in a month. Enter a less CPC value by selecting the Medium Search Keywords. You can find this using Google Keyword Tool. Pay less money and get more traffic.

Instead of paying money to a SEO company, I advice you to pay with Google Adwords. Even if the google changes the algorithm or crawling methods, you can stay away and watch your website on first page of Google with the help of Google Adwords.

Pages on your website:

Create more web pages related to your business or company. The more pages you create will give you more Internal Links and it also provides a perfect space to write Fresh Content. Use readable fonts, simple understanding words, create short stories and display more videos to understand different product or business category in brief.

Google Re-Evaluate Page Rank:

3 times a year Google re-evaluates your website Page Rank and it calculates your Page Rank every 3 months.

Stop Cheating Google:

Everybody trust Google. Through referral we came to know that Google is the best search engine and Google agrees website traffic through referrals. To refer your website to someone, try making a fresh content with impressive words and simple sentences.

  1. Do not try to modify a content using any Article or Content Modifying Software’s.
  2. Do not pay for any website that says “Pay and Get Traffic in a week”
  3. Stop believing the websites that says “Pay and Get 1 Million likes in a week”
  4. Avoid websites that says “Pay less and Get more Backlinks”

I have mentioned only few fraudulent techniques used to make more money by some scam business organizations. Contact my email id for any suggestion and questions related to Web Design, Domain Names, Premium Domain Names, Web Hosting, SEO, SMO, Content Writing and other Web Solutions.

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