How to earn money online

Earn Money Online

In internet there are many opportunities available to earn money. Here i have described few tips for making money online.

E-tuition and Webinars

Most of the students and learners surf internet to learn on some topics or study related solutions. But it is not possible to get all the information in internet. In that case, e-teaching will be very helpful for students and learners. The learners saves their time in traveling and learn from home just with an internet connection. There is more demand for e-tuition now a days. The qualification is to be an expert in teaching online in your subjects. There are websites like, smart thinking etc. You can register and become an online tutor immediately. If you are ranked as an expert in teaching online, more learners will be interested in learning and you also gain good reputation as a coach. You can also conduct online conference classes for a group of students.

Affiliate / Reseller

Signup in any FREE affiliate program and start promoting your website to bring more traffic to your website. The more traffic refers to more number of visitors. If you are expert in writing contents, you can bring more visitors through writing skills. Sending bulk emails by sharing your affiliate ad links will also result in good response to earn money. The concept is just to make internet visitors to click on those Ads or fill forms. Affiliate Ads can be targeted by sharing links in Social Media websites, sending bulk emails, sharing affiliate ads on blog pages / websites with content etc. You do not need to purchase any product. Just signup in affiliate websites like, google adsense etc and sell those products using referral link.


If you are good in writing content’s, then go ahead by publishing them in internet. Your content writing strategy should be on different categories and solutions. This will result in improvement of visitors on your blog page. Try to build a large following. This will result in earning more profit by commissions for selling other company products on your page. Also you can earn by placing affiliate or google adsense links to make money.

Get paid for writing content’s

Everybody cannot write blog and maintain, few people may feel uncomfortable in writing blogs regularly. But if you still try to earn money using your content writing skills, you can do that by writing articles, ghost writing content for websites, e-books, copy editor etc.

Sell Photographs

If you are a good photographer, you can take photos and make huge revenue. Many people like photographs. If they are interested in your images, they will be ready to pay the price you quoted. Share your photos to the public and build your audience. You can contact stock photo agencies like Dreamstine, Shutterstock, Fotolia etc offer incentives.

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