How to choose Domain Name for website

Choose Domain Name for website

Choosing Domain Name is the initial and big process. Most of them does not know the real importance of a Domain Name. Example: you have a company called xyz industries and when you try to find the domain name for, it may be unavailable. Many select internet country code of their Country like .in, .us domain extensions instead of .com. If that internet country code is also not available, they go for Normal Domain Names that are low in price. Just for name sake they order a domain name and build website. 70% of the people globally follow the above scenario.

Choose Domain Name
Choose Domain Name

You should know that “.Com” is reserved for commercial and it is the largest top level domain name. If you do not find a domain name like, then it is recommended to search for any other “.Com” for your company like, etc. Always keep in mind that “.Com” grades your business in higher level. The main reason behind “.Com is Price. When a “.Com” is aged around 3 years with atleast Page Ranking 4, then it is your turn to make huge money on that single “.Com” Domain Name. It is not only about the selling price. But when you compare a “.Com” with any other Domain Name. This “.Com” will make a stylish brand name comparing to other Domains.

Back Ordering:

This is a perfect technique used by most of the Domain Buyers. Try to Back Order a Domain Name. You can select a Domain Name by the company current statistics. Some quit their business suddenly due to loss or forget to renew their Domain Names. If you Back Order a Domain Name at this time, it is your chance to get that Domain Name. The main features will be Age, Traffic, No. of Page Views, Price, Page Ranking etc.

Expired Domain Names:

Try to buy an expired Domain Name. The benefits will be Page Ranking, Age, Price, Traffic, Page Views, Visitors etc. If you build a website with an expired Domain Name by writing the best content, then your Domain Name will get a promotion in Page Ranking.

Buy a Traffic / Aged Domain Name in Auctions:

Try to bid on a Domain Name under Auctions. It is the easiest and quick method to get a Top Level Domain for Low Price. In case if your bid is low, you will be receiving your bid amount in a few days. This is the recent technique used by most of the Domain Buyers. Low Priced TLD’s in shorter period.

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