Google Link Disavow Tool

Google Link Disavow Tool

There is no more Negative SEO concept. Professional designers and SEO experts need to stop wasting their time on implementing Negative SEO to your competitors or other websites. Recently Google updated their algorithm by providing the option in Webmaster Tool called “Disavow”.

Google advices to use this power tool only by the expert Site Owners. Low quality or Spammy back-links to a website will degrade a higher page rank website to lower. Site Owners will have access to few link-backs, it is not possible to control other pages down. To avoid negative SEO implementation on your website by your competitors. Google provided this Disavow Tool for the webmasters to instruct them by ignoring any link-backs from their websites from targeted pages or domain names. You can see this option in Webmaster Tool and specify the pages / domain names in the specified format.

Note: If your website is caught up with Link Spam, you may have received a message in Webmaster Tool about unknown links pointing to your website. Google send this message on any malpractices targeted using Paid Links or Link Exchange that violates Google Quality guidelines. If you receive this message, Google recommends you to remove from the web as many low quality or spammy links to your site as possible. This recent update from Google helps the webmasters and site owners to avoid Negative SEO technique at the root. Direct removal of bad links helping to prevent Google from taking necessary action again in the future. It also help Google to protect your website’s image, since people will no longer target spammy links pointing your website and they come to a conclusion about your online business. Remove problematic links as much as you like to ignore.

How to investigate the bad links in Webmaster Tool?

You might have seen the feature called “Links to your site” in Webmaster Tool. You can start investigating to your website bad links by navigating to “Traffic -> Links to your Site -> Who links the most”. Under “who links the most” Header, you can see link-backs arranged from ascending to descending numeric order.

Check the top greater number urls one by one and find the unknown link-backs for Disavow Submission. You can submit by selecting the option called “Download latest links” that displays the links with the dates. The file format of the downloaded file will be in Google docs or .csv. You need to make sure the bad links and upload only the bad links to the Disavow Tool. Make sure you do not upload all your links to Disavow tool. Watch the below video provided by Google Team for using the Disavow Tool in brief.


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