Effective Content Marketing Strategies

Ever since the release of Google Mobilegeddon, Humming Bird, Penguin & Panda updates, contents & user behaviour have become an unavoidable marketing strategy for all businesses. Google is trying its best to provide most relevant information to its searchers and hence looks for only value rich contents. Only good contents can pay back for your marketing efforts.

content-marketing-strategies-2015Above Infographic image source from Misha Infotech

Characteristics Of A Good Content

Good content is one which is information rich, unique and can add value to the readers. Immense research and creative thought put together with good and simple grammar can make good content.

Content should have an impact on readers. That is content should satisfy the readers by giving exactly what they expect. It may be any information or solution or guidance. So creating contents that can add real value to real life of readers is very important.

Next characteristic of a good content is its virality. There is no use in writing contents on topics which readers are not interested. Contents that are written on current and interesting topics of your niche can only spread fast among your audiences. Try to know the topics that are most searched by your audiences. Writing contents on those topics in interesting way with exact information they wanted will force them to share your contents to many.

Correct Distribution Channel

Well researched and well written contents become useless when they don’t use correct distribution channel. Answering to following questions will help you to identify correct distribution channel.

  1. Will the channel be able to distribute the contents effectively?
  2. Do most of your audiences use the channel?
  3. What is the time period of your content marketing campaign?
  4. Will you be able to stay in same channel inspite of your audiences changing needs?

Your choice of distribution channel will only decide the success rate of your content marketing. Your content could be in form of articles, blog posts, videos or infographics. But the best content is the one which can turn visitors into long term audiences and can build strong relation and trust between you and your audiences.

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