Create virus file using notepad text editor

Create virus file using notepad text editor

In windows operating system, we have a text editor called Notepad which is pre installed with windows OS installation. We know notepad as just a text editor. But people use notepad to create .ini, .htaccess, .bat etc. There are few unknown tricks in Notepad which many people does not know and it might be very surprising when you completely finish reading this blog.

You can create virus file easily using windows notepad text editor. We have given this information to update your knowledge and please do not try to send this file to others. It may lead to virus infection. This Notepad trick is not familiar to everyone, you can do this by following the below instructions:

  • Open a new Notepad file and type the binary code exactly as shown below

Notepad File

  • Now save this file as .exe at any file name (Ex: abc.exe)
  • If you send this file to anyone through Email or saved in storage devices, it will infect their computers. This is just for educational purpose, trying this may harm that computer or storage device. Try at your own risk.

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