Content Writing for websites

Content Writing for Websites

  • By reading the short description of your product or company content, a visitor should contact or inquire about your service.
  • Make your visitors to fill the form related to any queries or sales.
  • Your website profile or detailed information should be downloadable as a brochure to avoid sending emails related to silly queries.
  • Try to make your visitor gets updated with your company information or upcoming products.
  • Create a portfolio of your product or company.
  • Determine the goal of your website. If you are selling a product, you have to specify shortly about the company and briefly explain about the products and pricing. Contents wrote for your website should not get diverted to any other story, links or third party products.
  • On a webpage, if you are describing about few products, all the contents should be related only to that product. Short bullets and numbering representation must be used for benefits, types and advantages of that products.
  • Try to use all the Headings from 1 to 5 on all separate web pages with proper title tag and image alt tag.
  • Create a sitemap for the visitors to reach the exact page.

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