Choosing Web Hosting company for your website

There are certain things to monitor before choosing web hosting company for your website. Speed, Disk Space, Web Hosting Company Age, Customers etc. Below i have explained in brief for selecting a best web hosting provider.

Speed of access and Reliability:

First you need to check the uptime. A best web hosting service will have 99% uptime or atleast with 99.5% uptime. In case if your hosting uptime decreases, the hosting company will provide you a refund or discount on any future purchase with that company.

Choosing Web Hosting
Choosing Web Hosting

Data Transfer:

In other words data transfer is called as Traffic/Bandwidth. Transferring certain amount of bytes to your website visitors on any of your web page is called as Data Transfer in Web Hosting. You should be very careful when any of the web hosting provider says that “Unlimited Bandwidth”.

If your website exceeds its bandwidth, the web hosting services should not ask you to prepay for overages. But you cannot judge yourself that your website will exceed the bandwidth on someday. You are just going to clarify this question before you proceed with a web hosting company.

Disk Space:

A normal 5 to 6 page website with less image occupies maximum of 10 MB. The web space for your website differs according to the website category. Below are the few examples will make you clear to select the best plan on Hosting Space.

10 GB Space:

This is the Basic option in Web Hosting Plan provided by most of the Hosting Companies. Under 10 GB hosting space, you can build Basic Ecommerce website without shopping cart, Business Websites, Personal Websites, Mobile Device Websites, Informational Websites, Online business brochure / catalog websites etc.

150 GB Space:

Second option provided in Hosting plan for Middle Level Ecommerce Websites, Blog Websites, News & Media Websites, Bank / Insurance / Finance Websites, Professional Business Websites etc.

Unlimited Hosting Space:

This is not used by most of the business or organization. Only Live Channels like NASA, News websites like, Social Networking Websites like Facebook, Twitter etc use Unlimited Hosting. The above mentioned websites or Companies have their own Hosting Servers. Just for your understanding about the concept of Unlimited Hosting, I have mentioned their names. In real they do not buy hosting outside. Newbies start Websites or Company with big data transfer like uploading and downloading data periodically buy Unlimited Hosting Space from third party companies like Godaddy and other Hosting Providers.

Technical Support:

Always choose a hosting company that has 24/7 Customer Service. It means that the Hosting Provider should have both Voice, Chat and Email Support. If your Hosting Server is down at any point of time, your hosting company should be available online in Chat. Many customers feel comfortable in Chat Support. It is advisable for you to Chat with the Customer Support team before proceeding with your Hosting Order. The response speed and describing ability of a representative shows the company grade and product satisfaction. In case if you find the customer service hesitates or not probing properly, you can easily judge that the service will be same after you place the order. Few customer service of hosting companies act smart while selling the product. But you should ask as many as questions by doing research in Google or ask an expert online regarding the Hosting Company before you buy any product.

FTP, SSL, PHP, SSH, Perl, .htaccess, Telnet, crontabs, MySQL:

Try to find the recent version of SQL is available with the Hosting Company. You should not choose a Hosting Provider that asks their approval to install Perl Scripts or PHP. If it is the case, you need to wait for an approval from a back-end team and in some cases customer service will be available 24/7 and they handle your and register your request. But you cannot find back-end team working for 24/7. Customers need to wait till next day they login and approve your request.

You can test scripts, maintain database using SSH or Telnet. MySQL recent version is must to run a database linking with any other websites or blog. Before choosing the Hosting Company and their plan, please make sure they have the recent version of MySQL at low price. Because now a days hosting services become smart by adding new version in Higher Plan. Always compare the hosting plan before you purchase. crontabs helps you to run certain programs by scheduling on certain time or day. Example: Periodically you can schedule a program to run at 6 AM PST.

Shopping Cart and SSL:

If your business runs only through online marketing or sales, you must have SSL and that will help your customers to trust when they proceed to make Online Payment through Shopping Cart. Now a days customers check the SSL certificates on an ecommerce website before they buy a product online. They feel unsecure to enter their credit card information on a non SSL website.

POP3, Mail Forwarding, Email, Auto Responders:

Your hosting company should provide atleast one email for you with your domain name. Example: “”. You should also check the Mail forwarding options, POP3 and Auto Responding option is provided by your hosting company in free of cost. Many hosting providers make money by adding these features in higher plans. Your customer look for an email id with your domain name. Make sure all these options are available for free.

Control Panel:

User friendly control panel will make a newbie to access their hosting account easier and save time consumption. Never get a hosting service that makes you to contact them each time for changing in hosting control panel. You yourself should be able to access with understandable menus, texts and boxes.

Host Multiple Domains and Sub Domains:

You must have an option to host multiple domain names and sub domains with your hosting service at reasonable cost. If they over charge for adding multiple domains, please look for some other best hosting provider.

Operating System and Web Server:

Before you try to select your plan, you must know which server to select for your website. It depends upon the business categories. If you are using programs like ASP and other windows software’s, I suggest you to go with Windows Server. This happens for rare customers.

Most of them use Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris, Free BSD Web Servers. In Linux, Apache web server allows you to configure with more options. Configuring Apache Server is easy and you get lot of information in forums and blogs.

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