Choosing Web Design Company

Five years ago, selecting a web designer to build a website is an easy way. Now there are many website designers available to build webpages for $20. There are few newbie professional designers available to design websites for low cost to get more customers. It is an old technique followed to get more customers on any web solution services.

web design company
web design company

What you need to check for choosing the best web designing company?

There are few recent strategies checked before choosing a web design company. Web designing company can be new to the internet market and web designing business, you need to explore the below services that are available with that web designing company.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Pricing
  • Logo and other 2D animations.
  • 24/7 Support on any changes of web pages or contents
  • Content of the website
  • Customer Care (Chat and Voice support is mandatory)
  • Page Ranking
  • Domain Sales (It can be provided from 3rd party companies) Learn more about selecting Domain names.
  • Web Hosting (It can be provided from 3rd party companies) Learn more about selecting Web Hosting Company.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Management System
  • Web Designing services that supports all the business and web solution categories

All the above services must be available with your web designing company. Many web designing companies display the above services on their website and invisibly provide other services with third party companies. It is advisable to identify by interacting with the customer service team communication and customer handling skills.

Select a newbie Web Designing company that offers most web solution services in FREE of cost. Not all the newbie designers provide these offer. Only few web designing firm concentrating only on customer satisfaction will provide you free offers and they also gain more valuable customers in short period.

100% Customer Satisfaction

This is the main service in all the business categories. Your web solution company should not hesitate or avoid your interaction or communication with any of your product complaints. They should probe more questions with your issues and this will avoid you contacting them again and again. A customer care representative should understand the importance of your business related to the website and solve your issue immediately.


Always compare the pricing individually for all the web services you quoted by your web designing company. Get a quote individually for Web Designing, Domain Name per year, Web Hosting per year, Web Hosting Space, SEO, SMO, Content Writing, Logo and other images for your website and other web designing services. if your web designing firm providing all the web solutions at low price, you can go ahead with your order.

Logo and 2D Animations

Designing a logo has become expensive now a days. Try to get the best offer on Logo and other images related to your web pages.

24/7 Support on any changes of web pages or contents

Your web designing company should work 24/7. It is mandatory to have your web designing company to provide best customer support on weekend too. Most of the web designing firm does not provide support on weekend. If your website is down or any changes need to be done on your need, you have to wait till the support team log in. You may lose your business due to the lack of customer support absence.

Content of the website

The content of your web designing company should be cross verified. If your web designing company copied the content from any other web designing firm, then how your website content will look? Think about it and if there is less content with more animations on your web designing company website, you have to check their blog page contents. Absence of content is the disqualification for a web designing company. Contents are the second preference given by the search engines.

Customer Care (Chat and Voice support is mandatory)

Before ordering any product, inquire with a customer support. You can easily identify the quality of product by communicating with support team. Check how they greet and welcome if you enter the chat room. In case of any irrespective response you get during the interaction, you can ignore the company and search for another web designing firm. All the chat session response from the representative should be in proper grammar and formal respective conversation till the end of chat session.

Page Ranking

This will not be available for most of the newbie web designing companies. Getting a page rank is a hard work and there are certain topologies followed to get a good page ranking. For few websites, page ranking will be available due to the original content and years of the domain name maintained with website. A new domain with website must have at-least Page Rank 1. It can be a 8 months old Website. This page rank is considered and graded by the search engines. Page Ranks are not sold. It is given by checking the quality of the website and content exactly wrote for the website related to their business. To know more about Page Ranking.

Domain Sales and Web Hosting

Most of the web solutions firm resell the domain and hosting from the third party companies. Try to get a Domain Name and Hosting for low cost. You need to select Domain Name related to your business and country. Learn more about Domain Names.

Choosing the Web Hosting Space depends upon your business category. If your business is depended on your Website, you need at least 10GB. In case, if your business is worked and serviced outside the web and you keep the website live for name sake. Your web hosting space may not go beyond 150 MB. Learn more about Web Hosting.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization

Your web designing company should not depend on third party SEO companies. Ask your web designing company process and procedures. Check whether they use the recent SEO techniques. There is no use of implementing an old SEO technique. You yourself can search in Google by typing “Recent SEO techniques+October 2012”. Copy and paste the text inside the quotes and update your current month and year on your desired Search Engine. You can gather recent updates of SEO and inquire your Web Designing company implement that recent technique.

Content Writing

Your website content should be new, understandable, short stories of your product or company, stylish writing, professionally driven pages with image and different targeted keywords that matches your individual web page contents.Check the pricing for word count and images should be placed to make your content rich.

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